Academic Progress
  • Degree Progress Report Make sure you are keeping on track with your degree goals by reviewing your Degree Progress Report and contacting your Faculty Advising Office if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Program Change Request If you have thought about changing your program of study, review the types of changes that are possible, the eligibility criteria, and the deadlines for changes to be effective in the Summer or Fall terms.
  • Course Withdrawal
    If you think you need to withdraw from a course and the drop deadline has passed, perhaps course withdrawal is an option for you.
  • Your Student Account Review your Student Account Online Statement each month and keep on top of payments to avoid interest charges.
  • Reporting OSAP Changes Changes in your financial situation and course load can affect your OSAP funding. Make sure you have submitted any necessary OSAP change forms.
  • Plan for After Graduation If this if your last term of study, you should start thinking about OSAP repayment arrangements and learn about all your options.
Thinking of Summer Enrolment?
  • Summer Course Timetable The Summer 2018 term course timetable is now available online. It’s not too early to start thinking about what you might want or need to take.
  • Apply for OSAP The Summer 2018 online OSAP application for continuing students will be available on March 6, 2018. Apply early to ensure you have your funds when your classes start and you avoid interest charges or penalties.
  • Enrol in Courses
    When you’re ready to enrol in summer courses, review the online Enrolment and Registration Guide for deadlines and access to the Registration and Enrolment Module, and use the Visual Schedule Builder to build a schedule that fits with your other summer activities. Summer enrolment begins Tuesday, March 6.
  • Transportation The new YorkU subway stations opened in December 2017! Learn about all the ways to get to the Keele campus and about changes that have occurred with some bus routes.