Campus Support Including Students Requiring Accommodation, Counselling and Residence

Students Requiring Counselling, Accessibility or Accommodation Services

I’m concerned about completing my studies and experiencing stress. Is there anyone I can talk to about challenges I may be facing because of the labour disruption and the resumption of previously suspended classes?

Resources are available to help you complete your courses and assignments. All Libraries are open, Learning Skills Services and the Learning Commons are providing workshops and support, and your Faculty Academic Advisors are all available to assist you. Check online for additional Academic Resources.

Student Counselling & Development provides a professional and supportive environment in which you can discuss any challenges you may be having during the labour disruption. If you live in residence, you may also reach out to Residence Life staff (e.g. Residence Dons).

If you’d like to speak to someone about your thoughts and feelings regarding the labour disruption after regular business hours, we suggest contacting Good2Talk, a free, confidential and anonymous 24/7/365 helpline providing professional counselling, information and referrals for mental health, addictions and well-being to postsecondary students in Ontario. You can contact Good2Talk at 1-866-925-5454.

You might also consider the WellTrack app, an interactive self-help tool available to all York students. It can help you assess your mood and practice positive self-care.

If you’re an international student and would feel more comfortable talking to someone in a language other than English, the Multilingual Distress Lines can help. They’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 10 pm. This service is offered through Spectra Community Support Services.

Mandarin & Cantonese: 416-920-0497
Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi: 905-459-7777 ext. 2
Spanish: 905-459-7777 ext. 3
Portuguese: 905-459-7777 ext. 4

Where can I discuss my academic accommodations for the completion of my Fall/Winter 2017-2018 and Winter 2018 courses?

Feel free to call or email your Accessibility Counsellor in Student Accessibility Services with any questions or concerns you may have about your academic accommodations. If you are coming to campus, you can make an appointment to meet in person. If you are not coming to campus, you can discuss your accommodations over the telephone or via email. If you do not remember the name of your Accessibility Counsellor, just call one of the accessibility services units within Student Accessibility Services or your Accessibility Counsellor in the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling Centre if you are studying at the Glendon Campus.

If you are studying at the Glendon Campus, feel free to call or email your Accessibility Counsellor at the Accessibility, Well-Being & Counselling Centre, 416-487-6709.

I am a student awaiting information about completion of my Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session courses and I am experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Am I able to access Student Counselling & Development during the Summer 2018 session, even if I am not enrolled in summer courses?

All York University students who were enrolled in Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session courses and/or are enrolled in Summer 2018 session courses are eligible to access Student Counselling & Development for services this summer. If you have not accessed Student Counselling & Development services before, you will need to book an intake appointment:

To schedule an intake appointment, students must visit Student Counselling & Development (SCD) in N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services (SCD does not schedule intake appointments over the phone or allow others to book intakes on behalf of a student). Students requesting an intake appointment will be asked to provide some demographic information and the appointment will be scheduled. At peak times during the year, students may have to wait a short while for an intake appointment.

When you go to Student Counselling & Development to book your intake or crisis appointment, please let the front desk know if you are or have been registered with SCD in either term. Students who will be registered for Fall 2018 courses but who are not enrolled in Winter or Summer cannot book an intake appointment until later in August.

What will happen to tests and exams that were scheduled with the Alternate Exams Office?

We will update your alternate test or exam request for courses that are resuming as soon as that information becomes available. Do not cancel any of your online requests: the Alternate Exams Office needs all of the original test information to process the required changes.

To check the status of your courses, please go to or

To review the status of your test or exams with the Alternate Exams Office, please go to View my Bookings under the My Alternate Exams tab on the Alternate Exams website.

How will my Alternate Exams for courses that had been suspended and are now resuming be rescheduled?

The University has announced that work to complete the courses suspended by the labour disruption will occur during the period of July 23 to August 20, 2018 with an examination period of August 22 to August 31, 2018 inclusive. Note that courses taught by CUPE Unit 1 members may be delayed up to a week beyond July 23 and may run through to August 24. Students will hear from their course instructors if their course is impacted.
You should hear from your course director directly about their plans for holding classes or tests/exams that require completion.

I am registered with Student Accessibility Services for accommodated testing. How do I request accommodations for my exams that have been rescheduled?

Please do the following for requesting accommodations for tests and exams related to Fall/Winter 2017-2018 and Winter 2018 courses:

  1. Please submit your requests, if possible, 5 days before your test or exam date.
  2. To submit a request, complete the Ask a Question form providing the course code, test date, test start time and test duration.
  3. Once our staff enters the request on your behalf, you will receive a confirmation email, after which you should view your request history to confirm that all the details are correct.
  4. Monitor our online system daily to check for the booking details.
  5. If there are any problems with the request or booking information, please contact our office immediately using the Ask a Question form.

We recognize that the remediation period is very short and you may not receive information with as much notice as you might normally expect. So, if you need accommodations urgently, please contact us using the Ask A Question form and our staff will do their best to assist you with bookings.

If you require any additional help, please contact your Accessibility Counsellor directly.


I need to return to campus to complete my winter course(s). Can I temporarily stay in Residence if I was not a resident during the Fall/Winter 2017-18 Session(s)?

Students who require housing on campus may apply for Summer Residence, pending availability. Students may review the financial support available for assistance accessing this option, if needed.

I extended my stay in Residence to June 25 due to extenuating circumstances but I now require additional time to complete course remediation. What should I do? CAN THIS BE REMOVED?

Please rest assured that if you require an extension to remian in residence in order to complete Fall/Winter 2017-2018 or Winter 2018 courses that have been suspended during the strike, you will be accommodated. With the remediation period for completing the balance of in-class teaching now set to take place between July 23 and August 20, followed by an exam period, York University Residence is again extending residence at no cost to current residents who have outstanding Fall/Winter 2017-2018 or Winter 2018 course grades and who still require accommodation in residence to complete their courses.

No form is currently required for students in this situation. Students must go to their Housing Office no later than June 25, 2018, to extend their keys.

Mindful of student safety and wellbeing, some students staying in residence may need to be relocated. We encourage students remaining in residence to visit your residence Facebook group for information about events being offered.

I have extended my stay in residence to complete course remediation. When is my new move-out date?

For students who are now able to complete their courses before, during or following the remediation period, the regular move-out rules will apply: residence move-out is twenty-four (24) hours after you complete the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 and/or Winter 2018 term either through course completion options or completing your final class or exam (whichever is applicable to your circumstance).

For those residents who have completed their Fall/Winter 2017-2018 and Winter 2018 courses, no further action is needed except to move out and return your keys by the original residence extension date of June 25.

I still have extenuating circumstances and would like to extend my stay in residence for reasons unrelated to course remediation. What should I do?

If you still have extenuating circumstance that require residence beyond June 25 for reasons unrelated to course completion, please contact to outline your situation.

Other Campus Services

Whether or not you are attending Summer 2018 session classes, if you are completing Winter 2018 courses you can contact Registrarial Services, the Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR), the Sexual Violence Response Office (SVRO) and the Career Centre during their regular summer hours.