Request For Reassessment of Transfer Credit - New Student

This form is for use by new students. If you are a reactivating student, use the Request for Reassessment of Transfer Credit - Reactivation form instead.

Only students in the following Faculties should use this form: Faculty of Environmental Studies; School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design; Faculty of Health; Lassonde School of Engineering; Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and Faculty of Science.

Important: Before you begin completing this form, please carefully read the information and instructions.

Information and Instructions for Reassessment of Transfer Credit


  1. Complete all boxes within the Student Information section.
  2. You must indicate the Specific Courses for reassessment.
    • In the spaces provided please indicate the course code and details from your previous institution and the York course for which you are seeking an exemption/waiver.
  3. Submit this form along with detailed course outlines to support your request.
    • This should be new information that York University did not have when the original assessment was made. We cannot ask a department to reassess a course using the same information they used to make your initial assessment.
    • Without detailed course outlines, your request will not be processed.
  4. You must date and sign the form.


In accordance with the Eligibility for Transfer Credit as outlined in the York University Calendar, you have one academic term from the date of admission to York University to submit documentation (including detailed course outlines) for evaluation of transfer credit. (Fall term and fall/winter session admission: completed by the end of the fall/winter session; winter term admission: completed by the end of the summer session; summer session admission: completed by the end of the fall term). After this time period has elapsed, you will be eligible for reassessment only in the event of a program change.

Studies that were not declared on your application for admission to York University are not eligible for transfer credit consideration.

Subsequent changes to policies and regulations will not affect previously awarded transfer credit.

Consider all of the courses in your program and include all transfer credit requests at this time; further requests will not be considered except in the event of a program change.

Reactivation Eligibility

Academic Standing: Students returning to York after an absence must have left in good academic standing in order to be eligible for transfer credit.

Minimum grades:
Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology – overall average of 3.0 and individual grades of C or better
Canadian Universities – overall average of 2.0 and individual grades of D or better
International Universities – one full grade higher than the minimum passing grade at your previous institution and comparable to a C at York University

Your reassessment can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on the time of year. Our peak period for assessments is during the spring and summer.

Please note: The result of your reassessment request is your final assessment. Should there be a change from the original, you cannot revert back to your initial assessment once a decision has been made.